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Kathy Hoyt was born in New Haven and raised in Hamden. She attended local schools and  graduated from Hamden High school.  From there she attended  Central Connecticut State University and graduated with a Undergraduate in Elementary Education, and a Masters in Educational Leadership.  Kathy went on to become a teacher.  After teaching young learners for many years, she then moved to a role of administrator for over 10 years.

She left the educational world to raise her young family and became a volunteer throughout the community. For the past 18 years Kathy has been a Real Estate Agent in New Haven County. Hearing the voices of residents, their fears of not being able to afford to keep their homes, their struggles in making ends meet, their concerns with government spending, and the general frustration with party politics has given Kathy the desire to run for office and to help make a difference and make changes at the state level.

Kathy’s parents were children of immigrants.  Her father served in World War II and was an honored hero in the war.  In the 1950’s her parents moved to Hamden, purchased a home on Norman Road and began to live the American Dream.  The Connecticut Dream.  The Hamden Dream.  Moving back to Hamden 21 years ago, Kathy wanted to provide that same dream to her two sons, Shane and Logan.  She felt that Hamden was the perfect place to raise her family, with an excellent school system, a variety of programs for youth, and a safe and vibrant community.

Kathy’s core commitment to bring back that dream has driven her to run for election.  She feels Hamden needs change, a strong voice at the state level for that change, and a representative who’s agenda is to put community and residents of Hamden first.

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