Hamden Police Commission Chairman Endorses Hoyt for State Representative


Hamden Police Commission Chairman Michael Iezzi has endorsed Republican Kathy Hoyt for state representative of the 88th District.
Iezzi said, “During these difficult times, made worse by recent racial tensions, Connecticut politicians, as well as national political figures, find themselves at a crossroads. Many officials have chosen to be swept up in the tide of popular opinion and abandon our most essential workers, the men and women who keep our cities and towns safe. Hamden’s current representative, for example, has gone out of his way to put on full display his complete and utter disdain for police officers by voting on legislation to strip them of legal protection when carrying out their duties under the law.” Iezzi went on to say, “Kathy Hoyt has shown her respect and admiration for our Hamden Police Department. She will take this perspective to Hartford as she advocates for the safety of Hamden residences and the continued support of the Hamden police department. As a leader of Hamden’s law enforcement community, I believe we would be best served by her drive for law and order as well as justice for all.”
Hoyt is a lifetime Hamden resident; her children are graduates of the Hamden school system. For two decades, Hoyt served as a teacher and later, a school administrator. She currently works as a realtor and small business owner in Hamden, where she is a board member on the local Chamber of Commerce.

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