Kathy Hoyt Receives CEP Grant

Kathy Hoyt file photo 600x600

Kathy Hoyt, the Republican candidate for State Representative of the 88th district, has announced that her campaign has been approved for a public grant under the Citizens’ Election Program (“CEP”) from the State Elections Enforcement Commission.

Hoyt said about the grant, “The CEP is an important of our state election process because it reduces the influence of special interests in Connecticut state politics by requiring candidates to demonstrate public support from residents in their districts.”

Hoyt continued, “Our campaign has quickly and convincingly demonstrated a lot of public support. I am so blessed to have so much support behind me to move our state and town forward.”

Hoyt is a longtime Hamden resident; her children are graduates of the Hamden school system. Hoyt served as a teacher and later as a school administrator for more than two decades. Hoyt currently works as a realtor and small business owner in Hamden. She is also a board member on the Hamden Chamber of Commerce.

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