Kathy Hoyt Receives Unanimous Republican Endorsement

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Kathy Hoyt, candidate for State Representative in the 88th District, received the unanimous backing and support of Hamden Republicans at the Republican Party Convention on Tuesday night.

Chairmen Frank Ladore had publicly endorsed Hoyt before the convention. Praising her work in the community and support for small businesses thought the Covid 19 pandemic.

Chairman Frank Ladore went on to nominate Hoyt to be the Republican candidate for State Representative.

“Kathy is already a community pillar in Hamden,” said Ladore. “From her work on the board of the Hamden Chamber of Commerce to her contributions locally as a small business owner, she is someone that is in touch with Hamden values. running a business or how the healthcare industry operates. Kathy will be a great partner for our communities, business leaders, hospitals, veterans, and all the residents of the 88th district. I will be voting for Kathy in November and I hope you will join me.”

Minority Whip and 9th District Hamden Councilwoman Marjorie Bonadies, seconded Hoyts nomination. Bonadies said, “Kathy is someone I’ve had the privilege to know for many years. She is a go getter; she will fight for what she believes is right. She will make an outstanding State Representative and I truly believe we need Kathy fighting for us and our families in Hartford.”

With the unanimous support of the delegates, Kathy accepted the nomination to run for State Representative.

“I am honored and grateful to you, and all the members of the Hamden RTC for the great honor that you have brought me. I am looking forward to serving you, and all the people of the 88th District of Hamden.
Hamden’s 88th needs a change, a fresh start and a representative that will listen to the voice of the people. Someone who will go to Hartford and fight for the best interests of Hamden. Without personal agendas. I will be that advocate. For responsible government, for fiscal responsibility, and for a healthier business climate in Hamden, and Connecticut. The 88th district this November has a choice. This choice is about what matters to us as a community. I am excited to be that choice.”

For more information, contact Kathy at Kathy@Hoytforhamden.com or call (203) 429-4673.


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